Win 98 SE boot problems after new RAM install

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System - TSAVE3/B mother, Celeron 1.2gig, HD 10 gig(all C drive), RAM 2 - 512mb pc133 and 1-128 pc133 sticks, CD Reader, CDRW, ZIP Iomega, 3.5 flop, Flash Mem Reader, IPAQ Sync. Sys is not overclocked.

MB manufacturer, Transcend, gives MB RAM limit at 1.5 gig.
I removed the 128 stick and replace w/ a third 512mb stick and rebooted.  Systems goes through normal '98 boot screens, pauses and give me a blank DOS screen stating that I don't have enough mem to run windows.  I shut the sys down, put 128 stick back in, rebooted and got same results.  DOS message states that I may have Config.sys or Autoexec.bat issues.  Never had problems upgrading RAM before.

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Remove all memory except for 128 Mb memory and try that.

98 doesn't support more than 800 Mb of memory.  But from the looks of your posting you got it running on 1052 Mb originally.

See if it runs on 128 Mb only and if it does then there's ways of telling 98 to behave properly.
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This describes how to get 98 running on large amounts of memory.;en-us;q253912
You have put in too much RAM.  Reboot into safe mode with minimal ram. Shut down the computer.  Add only one 512mb to existing 128mb. Reboot.



Been using PCs since my 4.7mhz 8088 and I can't believe I missed something so obvious. Changed to MaxPhysPage=40000 with success.  Still don't know why I had it up with 2 - 512s and 1-128 (1152mb) on '98 SE.


Click Windows START, select "execute" and type in "msconfig".
Click GENERAL tab / Advaced (lower right), check "Limit Memory to" box and enter 768 in the MB Field. Click OK

 -> reboot and all should be well with RAM size up to 1GB.


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