Drawing controlled lines in Flash

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I am trying to draw a line between 2 points, this is made more complex as the line must be a curved line.  Also, the 2 points that it goes between can also change, depending on variables that are input into the movie.
Does anyone have any ideas about how this could be done?
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Found it, but I donot know if this is helpfull!??


The above SWF (the zip contains a FLA as well) allows you to drag two points where in between a line is drawn.

In the downloadable this is a straight line, but you can make it curved as well. The downloadable contains also the explaination of how it is done.

Otherwise the following download:

This lets the user draw a square, line or circel by specifying the start and end point with the mouse.

Hope it helps!
have a play around with this..

     lineStyle(1, 0x333333,100);

1st line..creates a clip as a 'container'
2nd..targets the clip
3rd..1=line width, 0x333333=colour, 100=alpha
4th..0=x, 300=y
5th..200=controlX, 500=controlY,400=anchorX, 100=anchorY

use the variables to change the value of the control X and Y positions..to change the curve of the line.


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