Install PDW (Run time,from office XP) on win95 machine

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Hi all,

I created a Runtime (with access XP) and a PDW (Package and Deployment Wizard) I would like to install my new executable on win 95 french machine.

I've a popup "visual basic 6.0 setup toolkit" that told me "Impossible to install Office System pack because the language is different..."

What I can do?
It's compatible with Win95?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Phil

You can solve this problem by changing the country parameter. Change it for French(standard) before deployment your application with the runTime de MsAccess Xp.

Compatible with Win95: I don't think it compatible with Win95. Because when you finished to install and run the application, you may have two errors messages

1. C:\program files\fichiers communs\microsoft Shared\Access Runtime\Office10\MsAccess.exe A Device attached to the system is not functioning

2.(Next Screen) the Msaccess.exe file is linked to missing export USER32.dll:ToUnicodeEx.

DuyHien, Nguyen


Thanks DuyHien,

My installation is finished!
There's a French Canadian Machine... And the PDW use the French Standard, and voilà! ;-)

That's true I've thoses errors msg when I clicked on my program icon... Why?

Again, thank in advance!

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