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I have a VB5 application that copies several files from one directory to another.  This application is running fine on most machines, but on one particular machine/user/location it is failing.

When the files aren't in the final directory every thing runs fine, but when the files are already there and the app tries to do a FileCopy, the Permission Denied error appears.  When I try to manually delete these files I get the same error.  If I open the files and resave them, I can delete them no problem.

What's going on?  Is the security for the user causing the problem?


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I think you've solve your own problem! Is your system a multiple use machine.  Was the foler created as a different user.  If you log in a Administrator then check the permissions for the folder.  Further if you are using Win 2K+ the default user profiles may exclude deletion but allow change. Once the data has been saved I suspect that Windows may remember that you have elevated rights over that specific file but I would not know about that issue.


The folder is actually on a server and not the user's machine.  She is using a multiple user machine however.  

And I believe we only have change permissions for these users.  I'll try and get it changed to include delete.

Are you using the Dir function?

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