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Hi all, I just bought red hat 8.0 and i'm trying to install it but when i select "automatic partitioning", it gives me an error saying couldn't allocate or something like that. Anyone knows why the hek this happens?

ps.I also need help partitioning my drives. I have tons of free space on my d drive which in linux terms would be hda2. I also want the dual boot system.

Thx in advance :)
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Don't let RedHat auto partition hda2. Manually partition it. Add a swap partition that is aprox. 2.5x your physical memory( ie, 512 megabytes of physical RAM means your swap should 1280 megabytes). yIf 1280 megabytes is too much for you, you can just let your swap equal your physical memory and you should be fine. Then add an ext3 (or ext2) partition and lable it /. Then install linux. If you have Windows installed on the other drive, the RedHat install will detect it and add it to LILO or Grub for you. If you prefer, you can refer to http://www.experts for instructions on how to add Linux to NTloader (assuming that your running Windows XP).

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