Integer shift problem

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Hi All,

   My problem is If I write an Integer into a file, integer shifts beyond a limit. I get junk values like
-828373764 for some value like 25 or 30 written into the file. Any suggestions. Thanks.I've declared the numbers as unsigned long.
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Could you post the code?


struct page
     int pointer;
     int no_entries;
     record rec[7];    
};//end struct page

struct record
        int key;
        int order;

page p;

for(int i=0;i<=6;i++)
  p.rec[i].key = some_int_val;
  p.rec[i].order = some_int_val;


Now an fread(&p,sizeof(page),1,fp) returns me some junk
value for key..

code is incomplete so it is hard to say, but...
Are you checking file functions' return values ?
Do you close the file, and the open it again, if not, do you set back file pointer to correct place before reading?
I think it is some I/O error.

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Have you opened your file as binary file both in writing and in reading?


Thanks a million,dude.

You are welcome. Don't ask me if I have done this kind of errors myself before cause I have not! :)

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