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Howdy guys- I was wondering if there is a hands-down best language used for 3D complex engine design. I was also wondering if there was any software that is really helpful for the design of an engine like the one described.
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not sure what you want....
for design C/C++ should be used.
as a scripting language you could use pretty everything...
there are a lot of C-style scripting languages used in games, but also languages as lisp or python are used

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Ok. The most simple one is LUA. You can find it at www.lua.org. It's written in ansi-c so you can use it in all platforms (Playstation, XBox, PC, Linux, ...). It's very simple and easy to use.
It doesn't uses DLLs or special folders.
Even more, It has a compiled bytecode like java making scripts go faster.

PD: Syntax like VB+C.
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