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I've built an login / admin area on our company intranet site and I'm having problems with the logout functionalitiy...basically I don't have a logout page and I'm not sure how to code it.  

My Application.cfm file has the following code:
<cfapplication name="EmployeeSearch"
SessionTimeout="#createtimespan(0, 0, 30, 0)#"

My login page has various codes but it sets the session with:
<CFSET Session.Auth = 'Yes'>
<CFSET Session.Admin = "#Form.UserName#">

Each protected page has the following code as well and it works if I try to access each page directly without logging in:
<CFIF isDefined("Session.Auth") is NOT TRUE>
<CFLOCATION url="../login.cfm">
html code

I have a logout page that sets the Session.Auth to No but that doesn't seem to do what I want.  Any ideas where I'm going wrong?  I'm sure this is a simple fix.  Thanks.
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Try changing the line <CFIF isDefined("Session.Auth") is NOT TRUE>


<CFIF Not isDefined("Session.Auth") or #Session.Auth# eq "No">

This should then trigger the login code when one has logged out.


I don't think that really helps my situation.  the <CFIF isDefinied("Session.auth") is NOT TRUE> is working fine...if the user is not logged in they will get redirected to a login page.  What I need is based on the code, I want a link that reads "LOGOUT".  When they click it, I want it to kill their session or cookie and redirect them to the login page.  But what I don't know is what to put on the logout page that will end all of that stuff and basically reset the session back to the beginning.

This will clear the session for the current user.


That did it.  Thanks for your help.

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