Triton 430FX RAM problem!

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Recently i wanted to put some more RAM into an old computer.
The motherboard is based on a Triton 430 FX and it has 4 SIMM memory slots, which are divided into 2 banks. It's important that you put memory of same type, size and speed into each bank.
Maximum memory size is 128 MB, but i can't get over 40 MB.
Even if i put more, system recognizes only 40960 KB.

For example if i put 2*16 into bank0 and 2*16 into bank1 i only get 40 instead of 64.
Same happens if i put 2*16 into bank0 and 2*8 into bank1.

I've tested all the RAM modules and they work.
Problem occurred on 2 similar computers with the same chipset, motherboards however were different.
I've tried everything i know but i can't find a solution.

Please help.

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With a motherboard model, go to the Crucial site and plug in this information. You will be shown the chips that are guaranteed to work with your system. If this is a system built by Compaq or HP etc... just plug in the model number of the system.

I've been using Crucial whenever possible for the past several years and had zero problems. Great memory with a lifetime warranty.
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Some of the newer RAM may not be compatible sine it is high density, and you motherboard only recognizes part of it.

Check the manual for the RAM specs and buy accordingly.

In your case, used memory may be best - the older the better.

 I hope this helps !
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