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Is there a way to use the drag 'n drop fill handle to increment cells that have alphabetic contents, such as, a, b, c, etc. the same way that the fill handle increments 1, 2 3, etc.? Thanks.
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Hello Wsteph,

interestting question

you could try this

-in one new column in say A1 put 1
-in the next column in cell B1 put this formula =CHAR(A1)
-now select them both and you can use the autofill handle to fill both cells and you'll see the char value for hte number in column B

-to start at a use the number 90
-to start at A use the number 60

-you can always hide the number column
-or choose copy/paste special for the B column and delete the helper column A

just an idea

Hi wsteph,

In Outlook you are able to create lists of anything you want.   To do this, type the letters A through Z in cells A1 through A26.   Highlight this range (A1:A26) then, on the Tools > Options menu, select the Custom Lists tab.  Click on the Import button and the data from cells $A$1:$A$26 (as shown in the dialog box) will be imported into a list.   You will now be able to type any letter, then use the fill handle to fill from that point.   Note that when it reaches Z, it will wrap around to A again.  

You can use this feature for lists of anything


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