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I work in a school and I am trying to find a way to prevent our computer settings (ex. Desktop image, ScreenSaver, and Internet Options)from being changed by all the students. I have over 50 computer to maintain. We are running NT4.0. I would like to find a way to prevent them from doing anything in the Control Panel but still allow myself access. I would also like to find a way to prevent them from downloading and installing applications such as AOL Instant Message. I would like to be able to do all of this without purchasing some package.

Thanks for the help!
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In windows NT you can achieve this by creating a new user (Control Panel) and restriting their permisssions
Here is a site that has a little info on poledit

You can download it here

If you going to find something free this is the supported Microsoft way.
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here's another site
search for the tweaks you want
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The solution is to use poledit as described above or to create a mandatory user profile. To make a user profile (either local or roaming) mandatory, rename the user's NTUSER.DAT file in the user's Profile folder as NTUSER.MAN. This will override a user's locally stored profile if it has been changed from the version stored on the server. I think that they can actually change thesettings while logged on but when the machine is rebooted or the log on in the future, the mandatory profile will be restored.

I work at Muncy School District, Muncy PA

We use fortres to lock down the machines.

any questions email me at
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