Working with File Directory System in VB

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I'm developing an application for a Datawarehouse project. I'm developing an OLE object that will read file name from specified location and return that filename. This filename would be used to automate the process. Can anyone help me out? I need someone who could help me in writing code in VB for doing this task

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If you know the path and just need to find all files in there:

' This sends all files in a certain path to the immediate window
strFilename = Dir$(pathname) ' or & dir$(pathname & "\*.*")
while strFilename <> vbnullstring
  debug.print strFilename
  strFilename = Dir$

To see if the file exists, you can just use this:

if Dir$("Pathname\filename") = vbnullstring then
  msgbox "not found"
  msgbox "found"

Once i developed an application in Win95 to access the directoy structure of current window..sumthing like window explorer....may be this is what u r lokking for....

in vb add a reference of vb scripting object...then in general deceration

Dim filename As New Scripting.FileSystemObject.

I don't remember much of the coding but if u play with this object most probably ur query will be sloved....
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