Danish chars disapere when reading from files (ÆØÅ)

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Im having a problem with reading a file with the special danish chars: Æ, Ø and Å

I have a file contining the following line:

Det er en test af æøå og ÆØÅ nemlig

But when I read it with the following code, it only reads then following:

"Det er en test af  og  nemlig"

As you can see it cuts out the danish chars.  Should I set up some kind of encoding?

Here are my code:

        Dim myWriter As StreamWriter
        Dim myReader As StreamReader
        Dim InString As String
        Dim infile As File
        Dim outfile As File

        myReader = infile.OpenText("c:\names.OLD")
        myWriter = outfile.CreateText("c:\names.txt")

        InString = myReader.ReadLine 'No ÆØÅ are read
        While Not InString Is Nothing

            InString = myReader.ReadLine

        End While

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Replace your line

myReader = infile.OpenText("c:\names.OLD")


myReader = New StreamReader("c:\names.OLD",Encoding.Default)

Hope this helps.
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