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I have been trying to use the dlookup function in VB. I added MS Access 10 in the references already...

I connected VB to an ODBC database... I started by creating a data report in VB. It gives me the Dataenvironment and it works fine. I can see the data and everything seems OK with the database connection...

My problem is that I am trying to use the dlookup function and i am getting a run-time reserved error '2950'

Why am I using dlookup?

Because I want to find out the telephone of a customer from a table of the ODBC database, and assign it the number to a variable in my code...Something like this...

number = dlookup("cust_phone", ODBCtable, "where cust_id=504")

I guess the problem is that it is not reaching the ODBC table... I have typed dataenvironment1.customer, dataenvironment1.rscustomer, dataenvironment1.recordsetcustomer, etc...

I learned here that I could use the dlookup function and it has been excellent for my Access applications, but it doesn't work with VB.

What can I use to get the phone number of the customer into a variable? Is there any other function I could use...

Thank you very much,

Diego Vargas
(A novice VB user)
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Try dlookup("cust_phone", "ODBCtableName", "cust_id=504")

Cheers, Andrew


Thanks, but it doesn't work... Maybe I did not explain myself good... I have tried the dlookup but it doesn't work out at all... Do you know of any other function that I can use to get to an ODBC database table?

I have been able to see the recordset, but I am not knowledgeable to make that *&*(#*^& recordset thing get me data from a table... What else can I use, instead of dlookup?

Thank you very much

Diego Vargas
Domain aggregate functions such as Dlookup, Dfirst etc. are native to access and other office applications - does not work in VB.

easy to create functions like them though...  (note: need a reference to DAO 3.x)

Public Function DLookup(ByVal sQuery As String, DBName as string) As
  On Error Resume Next

Dim db as Database  
Dim rs As Recordset

Set db = opendatabase(DBName)

  DLookup = Null

  Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(sQuery, dbOpenSnapshot, dbForwardOnly)
  If Err = 0 Then
    If Not rs.EOF Then
      DLookup = rs(0)
    End If
  End If
  set db=nothing

End Function
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Thanks Funke. I don't understand some of the stuff you wrote but i am trying to make some sense out of it... Sorry I am not a skillfull programmer...

In your code you've got a variable Err...
(If Err =0)

What is it doing?

Thank you very much,

Diego Vargas


I have tried to make the thing work but I haven't been able. I am trying to get to an ODBC database (Informix)

I am having problems with the Opendatabase(Dbname)... I think I am getting the name, but when I am debugging and place the mouse over 'set db' it says "db = nothing" So my guess is that I am unable to provide the right name of the database...

To get the name I've tried:
- dataenvironment.connection1.defaultdatabase
- and the actual name of the database... "production"

But I can't get nothing... I guess if 'db = nothing', then i can't open a recordset...

What can i do?



I got it!

Well, there might be a more efficient way to get it but it is working now. I got it from my ASP book, the section about recordsets.. Thanks...

Dim objConn As ADODB.Connection, objRS As ADODB.Recordset

RS_Source = "select cus_phone from customers"
RS_field = "cus_phone"

Set objConn = New ADODB.Connection
Set objRS = New ADODB.Recordset
objConn.Open DataEnvironment1.connection1
objRS.Source = RS_source
objRS.Open , objConn

Do While Not objRS.EOF
    find_item = Trim(objRS(RS_field))

Set objConn = Nothing


Thanks Funke, you gave me the answer... I had to redo the recordset code to make it work, but you definitely pointed me to the right direction.


Diego Vargas

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