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I have developed a menu system in Forms 6i with push buttons stacked. I need to change the color of the buttons as the mouse navigates over them and then back to their normal color when the mouse leaves....any suggestions???
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you can do that only in web mode using java-beans
I wouldn't really do it, it's little bit messy with Forms C/S!

But if you absoultly must have, then have a look at the WHEN-MOUSE-xxx triggers. Also, buttons always use the windows default colorscheme, so you can't give them another color - but what you can do is to make the button iconic and have two icons (big enough to fill out the button!) to switch between!

Cheers, Stefan

For C/S it might be OK to use the WHEN-MOUSE-xxx triggers, but don't use them if your application runs also in FormsServer. This will cause a lot of network traffic.

Best thing is you talk about the requirements again. This is definitly no standard behaviour for Windows applications.
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I tried changing button colors, just like you want to.And it didnt work for me either.

Instead, I just changed the property to INVISIBLE and then back to VISIBLE.. That works very nicely for our applications.
From the Oracle Forms Help under "Buttons", "About"

Note:  On Microsoft Windows, button color attributes are controlled exclusively by the Color facility in the Control Panel.  To define button color attributes (button face, button shadow, button text color, button or highlight), you must use the Color facility.
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