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I am using Perl and HTML to create a database that searches for images.  All I need to do now is create a counter that counts and displays the number of results I get during a search.  I am a beginner at Perl, and I have looked through several Perl books with no luck. I'd appreciate any help.
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Could you post some of the relevant code here so we can see how your search works?

And where are the images searched? On the disc, in a directory, on websites, on your table :)  ?

Could be simple, but then you would have found it in books. Like:
$counter++;    or oldfashionway:  $counter = $counter + 1;
(add 1 to counter)

if ($image_was_found) {

Or if all your images/names/filenames/url's are in an Array, then it would be:
$counter = @foundimages;

But it must be harder than that right!?? Give us more info pls. :)


That counter was just what I needed.  My program is now complete.  Thank you so much.


That was just what I needed to complete my program.  Thank you.

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