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I'm looking for someone who can help me post Dbase files to the web.  These files contain up to 200 fields.  I want to create an application where we can run queries on the dbase files.   The files are flat dbase files that contain such information on residents such as Name, address, age, income, home value, etc.  

Is there anyone out there that has a solution to this problem I'm trying to tackle?

Very sincerely,

Ruben Leon
Spectrum Data
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The easiest solution and with minimal amount of query work is to use the Blueworld Lasso for Filemaker. If you run your own web server in-house, this is perfect. Even if you don't you will simply have to find a web host that offers Lasso hosting.

If you host your own web server, you would want to get the Lasso Professional 5 for the interface between Filemaker and your web server. The simply get the Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver and a copy of Dreamweaver.

The studio allows you to simply pick the database you want to publish (given that the Professional and Filemaker are already configured, which is really simple). Then all the fields are imported into a special html page in Dreamweaver. This allows you to arrange the layouts like a web page and all the queries and links are already done for you.

You really only need some HTML and Filemaker administration experiences.

I hope this helped...

mmmmmaybe also look into the FmConnector for ASP, according to me an excellent alternative to Lasso and using a technique which allows me to use other components very easily.

Any questions?; email,


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