How can insert an alert an Resources Database

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I want to add an email alert function in the resources database for a same user continous and fully book room for 2 days or more.
Anyone can sent me any idea how to calculation this function.

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Create an agent in our resource database.

Schedule the agent to run "After new mail has arrived".

SELECT (CalendarDateTime - EndDateTime) > 60*60*24*2;
sendTo:= "John Doe/ou/o";
copyTo:= "";
subject:="Resource booked for more than two days";
remark:="Document link to resource reservation:";
@MailSend( sendTo ; copyTo ; blindCopyTo ; subject ; remark ; bodyFields ; [IncludeDocLink] )

NOTE: I wrote this just now in 3 min. Have not tried it. Its for you to test and explore.


The agent seem not fullfill my reqest, the calculate cannot cal for multi value on Caldatetime and Enddate time.

If some can told me how to list the multi-value minus multi-value last valus in View then you will win 200 points
If you just want to compare the last values in the a mulitvalue list then change this line in the exampler:
SELECT (CalendarDateTime - EndDateTime) > 60*60*24*2;

SELECT (@Subset(CalendarDateTime; -1) - @Subset(EndDateTime; -1)) > 60*60*24*2;

If you want to test all values in a multivalue list, then you need to use LotusScript - since @commands does not support looping (supported in R6).

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