There is no user session key for the specified logon session

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I am a training to be a sysadmin, on the job.  One of my tasks is to add Win2k Pro machines to an NT 4.0 domain.  When I try to add laptops to the domain, I get the following error message-

"There is no user session key for the specified logon session"

Has anyone ever encountered a scenario such as this, and if so, how did you resolve the problem?

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Make sure you are not bypassing the Win2k logon screen in the laptop.

Make sure the correct time is set on both.

Can't think of anything else...

Try creating an account for the laptop on the PDC before attempting to join it to the domain.

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I had the same problem with a Windows 2000 server joining an NT 4.0 domain. The problem cannot be found by searching the internet oddly enough. I did find out that the root of the problem is that time on the server / workstation that you are attempting to join to the domain does not match that of the PDC. So change your system time to that of the PDC and join to the domain. Worked for me just fine.


Just to highlight that often this issue can be solved easily in a way that is not highlighted in the internet appropriately

Same solution for me as for NT_Gawd; correcting the time on the workstation did help.

A bit more of background; it were XP clients to join a NT 4.0 domain. Different from standard settings was that we disabled the w32time service for some reason.

If one paid attention and corrected the time manually, no problems at all, but if the time was still hardware manufacturers choice (timezone issue), then there was no chance to get to the domain.

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