Raid Failesystem !!!

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we are placing problem while installing the Oracle. ie. When we excuted the oracle to create dbf,rollback,indexs... on raid filesystem. We found that battery of Raid has expired. We have storage A1000, we changed the battery and re-instated the expiry date with raidutl -c <device> -r command, rebooted the system but Unfortunately the device could not mount or not seen. Why ?
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The command option for reset the battery age is:

raidutl -c <device> -R

after your issued the command, you should see a message like:

raidutil succeeded!

on your screen.

    Sun Raid manager to check it out.

    PS: Replace the battery (need a few hours to allow the batter recharge). then run:
    raidutl -c <device> -R

    run rm6 - the recover guru to fix your problem.

Good luck.



Thanks for u comment, we tried as u said, but unfortunately the raid file system is not seen by system,even after we boot.

when we check the msgs. we found that
rdaemon is not get loaded, while trying loading it give error Could not open RDACnode and error no = 6(no such device present)

Thanks & regard


Hello !!

No one out there to help me regarding this question !! or the question is not clear !!...... Pls i am in very much in need of answer for this question .

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It is very hard to tell you exactly what you need to do without knowing the details about your system.

eg, The OS version, and the Hardware platform.

I assume that your A1000 was working before.

I suggest that you boot up your systems from CDROM, and then run fsck to all your file system, then reboot it.

BTW, did you install any patch/software before the system failed ?

You can also search SunSlove for help,

Or the Sun online support to ask them give you a hand on this.

Good luck!


We have sun e5500 server 2GB RAM 4 Sparc processor, with Solaris 7 and sun stoarge A1000 [12*10 GB] having Raid installed in it.

Yes we installed patches, successfuly rebooted the system it was running fine.

But After the installation of Oracle 8i ver 8.1.7, rebooted the system after this point the raid is not accessible. co-incidently the battery also failed, which was replaced, but still we find this following log msg;

rdaemon is not geting loaded, while trying loading it give error Could not open RDACnode, error no = 6(no such device present)

Under sunsolve when we check it recommends to do Boot -r, we tried the same but no luck.


Did you try to contact Sun? Or if you want more people on this site have a look at the problem, increase the points to 250-500. I'm on leave at the moment, not close to a box with a A1000.

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