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Two machines are connected with a cross over cable. The First machine, Desktop,  (win 2000) can access the second machine (Win XP laptop), but Laptop couldn't access the dasktop. Getting some error like "Can't access the machine, you don't have permission. Please contact admin..' I've already logged in as admin in the laptop.
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Create user (that you use on XP) with same username and password on Windows 2000.
There are two solutions:
1- GHOST User: use the same password of the local "Administrator" on both the XP and W2K, or create user with same username and password on both the XP and W2K and put this user in each machine in the Local Administrator Group.

2- RUN AS: you can press shift with right click on the application you need to run and choose RUN AS and write the username, password of a user that has an access to run this application and write the name of the destination machine in the Domain Field

In other words, you must use the privilege of a user in the destination machine that can open the application or folder you need. either use the same username and password of this user on your machine (source) or use the RUN AS tool to use his privilege

What are you trying to accomplish with the connection?  If it is just file sharing, you may be able to get what you need by setting up a share.



I did try the suggestions you have given, but it didn't help. I reinstalled Windows and it works now. Anyway thank you guys.

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