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Do you think it would be okay for me to delete all of the files in my temp directory?  I don't know if there are files in there that I need to keep.

I will give more information if the answer is maybe.

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Lady Aleena,

You most likely can delete the files in your temp directory.  However if you are doing certain things...like have MS word or Excel, or Groupwise or basically some programs up, it may put up temporary files...if you delete the temp folder it may lose the document or email or whatever the case may be.  So if you do delete your temp files....delete them when you are ready to shut down your computer...or you know you have closed out everything you needed to save.

You can delete the FILES in the temp folder.
Bu u should not delete the temp folder itself. The files are the ones when u install any software.
mweinstockProgram Manager

I would only recommend deleting these files after a reboot, and when you're sure that all your programs are closed.

Files that are dated prior to today can likely be deleted (assuming Word or a similar program hasn't put a document there that needs to be recovered). Files dated today should probably only be deleted after a reboot, since there might be programs that are open that are using them. Windows will typically tell you if it's a REALLY BAD THING to delete them, but I wouldn't trust Windows to stop me from doing something dumb.

IMHO, reboot to DOS, and delete them from there. Then you'll know no windows programs are tying to use them. You could even put a line in your autoexec to do this on startup. There are also utilities that will set your system to dump the contents of your temp directory on startup.
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