Connectin Nokia 5110 to a computer to send SMS ( and receive)

rodney_alm used Ask the Experts™
Hi everyone,

This is a completely new area for me.

I have a Nokia 5110. I want to connect the phone to the computer so i can send SMS from the computer. How do i proceed.

The information sent will be from my VB program

I am com0pletely new here so pls be patient and understanding

Regards rodney
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Well, in order to send SMS from your Nokia connected via data cable, you need to talk to it's GSM modem. The Nokia's GSM modem supports a specific command set (AT) which allows you to control it's behaviour. ie send SMS.
In order to access this GSM modem from VB, you will need to make use of the Microsoft COM control in order to send these AT commands to which ever COM port your Nokia is connected to. For a first step, see if you can get some response from your Nokia's modem by:
Sening the text "AT+" to the phone, it should then respond with an "OK".

So in VB, it would look something like...
MScom1.input = "AT+"
...wait a second or 2
msgbox MScom1.output

the messagebox should disply the text "OK"

Once you have this working, let me know and I can help further with the actual commands regarding sending an SMS.
sorry this si no help but I was loking for a solution to the same model.
I would like put 2 more questions.
(1) do all mobiles in general and Nokia 5110 in perticular have a build in moded or is that an additional device we need to add.
(2) Where can 1 get a complete list of the commands?

1) Yes, All Nokias which are 'PC connectable' have a built in modem and no external device is needed.

2) You can get a list from numerous locations on the www.

Note that the AT command set differs for each handset manufacturer (eg Ericsson,Nokia etc) as well as for the individual handset model (eg. 6210,5110 etc). Here is a list of AT commands for a few different handsets.

Hi, unfortunately Nokia 5110 doesn't have a built in modem, you must use NOKIA spesific FBUS protocol to communicate with it.

Try to download the Free MFBUS active X component Ver 1.5, from, so you can save a lot of time to figure out the NOKIA FBUS component.

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