comparing two files

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i need know with code .vbs how to compare two files  

file1 is on c:\datos\online.mde
file2 is on   \\server2k\update\online.mde

if the date created of the file2 is > file1
     copy the file2 on file1

sorry my english is very bad.

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   Dim ofs As Scripting.FileSystemObject
    Set ofs = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
    Dim sFile2 As String
    Dim sFile1 As String
    sFile2 = "\\server2k\update\online.mde"
    sFile1 = "c:\datos\online.mde"
    If ofs.GetFile(sFile2).DateCreated > ofs.GetFile(sFile1).DateCreated Then
        ofs.CopyFile sFile2, sFile1, True
    End If
You must add a reference to the Microsfot Scripting Runtime for this to work

Scripting is all new to me. It looks really interesting.

Just wondering, couldn't you use built-in functions in VB to do this? Like:

If FileDateTime(file2) > FileDateTime(file1) then
   FileCopy file2, file1

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I suppose you could, but I'm not sure if it will take UNCs as indicated in the question.  I'm not sure it won't, but since I'm fairly certain I have used the FSO with UNCs..  I'm going to try the FileDateTime on a UNC when I get into work.  Will let you know.

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