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Dear All

I want to send SMS message through GSM modem which is cannected to computer through COM2.

I am using Win32 API's ie. CreateFile,ReadFile,WriteFile.

I am able to write to COM port, but i am not getting any response from GSM modem.

Can i get code(C/C++/VC++) for the same?

Any setting is needed in Mobil phone?

Please help me.


Suman Kumar
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you may want to use hyperterminal to check that you mobile phone indeed is connected to you COM port.

if using hyperterminal proves that connection wise is okie.perhaps you may need to check if there is a carriage return /integer value= 13/ at the end of each send.
Hi Suman,

didadi is right, you should first try to connect to your cellphone with a terminal program of your choice. Most cellphones don't have a built-in GSM modem and need a driver in order to accept AT commands. Which phone are you using? I'm currently developing an app for sending and receiving SMS messages, I'm using a Siemens SL45 (built-in GSM modem), a Siemens M20 (pure GSM modem) and a Nokia 6110 (driver with virtual COM port) for testing, all of them work fine.

Hope that helps


Hi Oliver

  Can i get the code for the same ?
  please send it to at

Suman kumar
   I got your reference from an WebFourm. I have an problem in my project. Pls help me.
   I use Siemens TC35 GSM Module. I have to use this as an modem to dial up an ISP, then connect to an Internet connection & then transmit data to an particular website. These datas are then manipulated using the IIS server.
   Now tell me, How to I dialup an ISP & provide the Username & password & rest other acknowledgements.
   Also is that possible of sending the direct data calls to an other GSM Module & read the datas from them, If so How to do the data calls & how to recive them.
   If using the GPRS can we directly connect to the website(IP address), as soon as the GPRS mopdule is switched ON. If so what are the steps to do so??
   Pls help me with the source code available or with the Hints or steps to be done.
   Its very urgent so pls help me out.
Thanks in advance.
You can contact me at my mail ID

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