How to plan a group project?

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I'm working on a simple programming with three people.
How do we break up the Java program into sections and
merge the program at the end?

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This is the most difficult question in software engineering...

If possible identify subsystems that interact with each other only via interfaces. This ensures that the single programmer need not to bother about the implementation of a subsystem. A subsystem should exclusivly contain one or more java packages.

Very helpful might be to have a dummy implementation, that is able to handle some simple use cases for each subsystem so that every programmer can debug his code in the early stages of development.

The difficulties arise when there shared resources, like databases and if there interfaces are not properly designed.

This is not the way to manage a software project, but it might be a guidline for a collaborative programming task

Concentrate on programming.. let your project leader/manager take care of breaking up project into modules and then reassembling them at the end ;)

I understand that this is about a small task that is probably not executed within a company.

Your're right manoop: Let your project-manager do this job and your project is doomed in most cases...

But this is an interesting question: We have here a (inofficial) hierarchy of "senior-designers" that are responsible, err known, to excecute this design work. How is it made in your organzation?
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