how to find the first two char of a string ?

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How do you find the first two char of a string ? for example :

the string is "Whaddaheck".

How do I get only "Wh" and "ck" in the back ? in SQL we can simply use left and right syntax, but what about in VB 6.0 ?? should it be inst, substr or something ? I'm really lost here.. I know it's possible, since I've done it once, but what is the syntax to use ??? please lemme know...

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MsgBox Left("Whaddaheck", 2)
MsgBox right("Whaddaheck", 2)


no.. I need the value to be stored in a variable instead of output it into a message box. I need to do other query to access db.
Just send it to a variable instead of a messagebox:

dim strLeftTwo as string
dim strRightTwo as string

strLeftTwo = Left("Whaddaheck", 2)
strRightTwo = Right("Whaddaheck", 2)

*** Please award the points to mnasman as he deserves the credit for this ***
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Also if you are dealing with a sting and you know it dont use left and right ... use left$ and right$ - they are about 25 % faster ;)


thanks both, I'm awarding the point to mnasman according to the instruction ^_^ thanks.
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Why did you give the B? Was there a problem with the answer? Did you expect more? If not, please award Mohammed (mnasman) a grade of A.
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