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Hi, i am now looking for info. on developing a medium -sized company database system, still don't know what language is the most suitable, cause i know only C and java (basic). Now i need to develop a system, linking 30++ computer, through a server. The system is database, and involving stock control, invoicing, billing, accouting etc.

Can anyone provide me info on this? really not just limit to use only C, but maybe as well VB?? What database to use? Hope anyone can give me a clue on this.
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I would definately suggest MySQL. It is not the easiest DB to get started with, but it's small, fast and widely used. Furthermore, it's free... Have a look at
Every Database I know of offers a C Interface. On Windows I would argue ODBC is the Standard way to interact with a Database. Chosing the right database is proabably a bit beyond a subject for discussion here. Accessing Databases with Java is through JDBC I can't imagine that there is a somewhat decent Database with out it.

You have to read about databases and you have to though how high you requirements are. If you do not know much about it itself I strongly suggest you ask someone from that area. That money will be well spend and save much money in the long run.

A quite fully fledged Databae (for heavy use) is the SAP DB. which you can find here:

I could imagine that any of the big players could be used in you area, it might be that some of them are simply to  large. Than you should check out the suggested MySQL database or



If i choose C, would it be efficient enough to develop the system? How long will it take to complete? I have less experience in C++ and VB, but compare in this scenario, which language will be more suitable and interact well with database?

The transaction of the system is large, therefore there's a need to use server for reliable purpose. For me, everything just starting from zero. Need comment b4 developing the system.


Well everything I say here could be miles off the reality. I do not know you application area, I do not know you requirements and  a bunch of other things. So you must be very careful with my suggestions
Of course you could develop such a system with C.
And you probably should if that is what you know best.
How long will it take? No guess possible from a few months to  year maybe? How is the staffing? How are the requirements Is is a re-write or a complete new development. We don't know

Than choice of language. Every actual language will be able to cope with that. But you should ask yourself is it necessary to build that stuff from scratch or look for simular software which is available. Again we do not know that.

I for my part would probably combine some tools and languages but would prefer doing that sort of stuff either in Eiffel, Common Lisp or Smalltalk. Maybe I would start writing a prototyp and see how it works in Ruby, Perl, Python and or Common Lisp. But that is because I know this tools! Another choice to be considered is Delphi I bet that you can combine existing software, because that market is large so is the VB market of VC/VC++ market....

What we do not know too is what interface the software should, what operating systems should it work on?

Sorry if you do not know much about that area, I suggest looking for professional help. This is not the right area for that IMHO.


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