"Can't show non-modal form when modal..."

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Getting error "Can't show non-modal form when modal is displayed"

On encountering this error I loop thru the the Forms collection ("For i = 0 To Forms.Count - 1 ...")  and Print the name of each & every form loaded, however NO modal form is listed.

Is there any way of finding out what modal form this error is talking about?
Is there any known issues where modal forms incorrectly unload? (in every modal form I have "Unload frmX" followed by "Set frmX = Nothing")
Is there any known case where that error appears for the wrong/another reason?

Please help as I've been battling with this for 4 months!
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If you have any form opened in a Modal state then you have to close that form before any other Non_modal form can be opened. On the contrary multiple Modal forms can be opened.

There is some code in your Modal form that tries to Open or load a Non-Modal form. Check whether you are referring to some property of a Non-Modal form within the code of the modal form. If yes then this is the cause of error.


Unfortunately I am unable to find out what that modal form is, That's the problem

The code that causes the error must be inside the modal form itself, or called from it.

At the time of the error, examine the call stack (Ctrl-L) and look at each point to find a call like

frmX.Show vbModal
or frmX.Show 1

Once you find that, it should all become clear.
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VB open form in two states:
1. Modal
2. Modeless

The best example of a Modal form would be a messagebox. Unless you close the msgbox you cant use the application.

By default VB opens Modeless forms. So unless you have opened a form by specifying constant vbModal, VB would not open a Modal form.

Modal forms are useless where we need to get an action from the user before going ahead. Ex: we want to warn the user and accept an appropiate action from him then we will open a Modal form.

Get back to me in case of any further doubts.


Sethi, thanks, but I fully understand what modal forms are and how they work. I need to find out why I'm getting "Cannot show non-modal form when modal form is being displayed" when I cannot find evidence of any modal forms displayed or loaded

Sorry, misread your comment. Press Edit> Find> Select Search Option as "Current Project" and then search for the word "Modal" in your project.  You will come to know the form that you are opening as Modal. Some code in that form will be the root cause of this problem.

Can we assume that you are certain that you are certain that no modal forms have EVER been launched in the history of your running application?

I've had wierd things happen when you only .HIDE a form from within itself, but not destroy it with 'Unload' and SET MyForm = Nothing when you are finished.  At least this could be a clue for you.

Also, is this an MDI application?



Doug, Yes it is an MDI application.

There are modal forms launched & closed with the app, but I just can't find out which form this error is referring to, as I'm unable to replicate when the project is running from VB. Instead I log the contents of the Forms collection, but no modal form is listed.

Ah, so you cannot reproduce it in the VB IDE!  Can you reproduce it yourself, or is this something that happens only to users occasionally?


This happens occasionally for users on Win2000 sp3, NT4 sp6a & Win98se platforms. Once it starts any modal form that is opened thereafter behaves as if disabled (only closed by Escape key) yet non-modal forms act normally.
Private Const GWL_EXSTYLE As Long = (-20)
Private Const WS_EX_APPWINDOW As Long = &H40000
Private Declare Function GetWindowLong Lib "user32" Alias "GetWindowLongA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal nIndex As Long) As Long

Function IsModalForm(ByVal frm As Form) As Boolean
    IsModalForm = ((GetWindowLong(frm.hwnd, GWL_EXSTYLE) And WS_EX_APPWINDOW) = WS_EX_APPWINDOW)
End Function
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