Keyboard only works in SafeMode on XP

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I have been making my own "AutoPC" for fun since 1998.
I have changed OS from windows 95, 98SE to XP.
When I upgraded to XP recently, keyboard seems to be not detected in XP normal mode and nothing is shown in keyboard hardware list. But keyboard works fine in BIOS run, 95, 98se, and XP safe mode. In XP safe mode it shows in hardware list with "PS/2 standard 101/102 keyboard" and works fine.

PC board is Advantech mother board PCM-5864/L with AMD K6-2 333MHz 128Mb ram.
Keyboard is small size PS/2 wireless IR keyboard made from Hyundai Electronics (now this is tricky part since this is outdated keyboard and I got it for free...)
Reciever module is connected to PS/2 keyboard port and works with port's +5 volt current.

Here's what I tired
1. Scanned for New Hardware Devices but nothing found.
2. with service manager SC.exe I have tried to make i8042prt.sys service configuration flag "ERROR" from "NORMAL" to "Ignore" but keyboard driver still didn't cameout in hardware list.
3. copy i8042prt.sys to kbdhid.sys to reset keyboard detection? (;en-us;q257729)

My best guess is that XP (or 2000, NT?) seems to make strict query on keyboard initial codes to support fancy functions recent keyboard models supports.
Or... maybe my keyboard does not return vendor ID which makes Xp fail to load driver. (just a guess)

If it also did not worked on the XP safe mode, I would have given this up already.

What I want to know is if there's any way to make XP Normal mode detect this keyboard or force "PS/2 standard keyboard driver" to start like XP safe mode without detecting one.

(Please don't tell me to change keyboard... I need this one.)
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Safe mode uses basic generic drivers, as well as bios.
XP need drivers specific to XP, therefore your dilemma.

You can try forcing the drivers using the manual add hardware and choose driver location.
When XP warning comes up re: drivers not for your system,
choose ignore and continue loading.
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I agree that you need to try different generic keyboard drivers, until you find one that works.

If not, Either dual boot, or use a different keyboard for XP.

I hope this helps !
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Is it that the keyboard doesn't work in normal mode, or that it just isn't listed in the device manager in normal mode?  In the device manager, go under view and check "show hidden devices" and see if it gets listed.

Open the device manager and find your keyboard, right-click it and choose update driver.  In the window that appears choose "install from specific location...", click next, then choose "don't search", click next.  Now uncheck "show compatible hardware" see if you can find the driver for the keyboard, or try one and see if works.

What's the manufacturer/model of the keybaord?  Have you checked their web site?


Comments on above answers.
Problem is that this keyboard is outdated (made in 1994) and doesn't have any support on drivers.
It's not listed in device manager, in fact even if I make "show hidden devices" there's no sign of it. So I can't even overload compatible driver. I'm fighting with ghost I think.

Here's some of what I found while I'm looking through c:\windows\inf\Keyboard.inf file.

[STANDARD_Inst]         ; All keyboard IDs (except unknown) map to the same driver
CopyFiles  = STANDARD_CopyFiles
DelReg     = STANDARD_DelReg
AddReg      = STANDARD_AddReg

So I think my keyboard is Unknown device to XP.
What if I add my Keyboard Manufacture ID into inf file?
Now how am I gonna get keyboard manufacture ID? I think I'll have to see old IBM PC H/W reference books for this one.

Another section I found is this

; This section is used during startup by the Windows NT Plug&Play Manager to
; simulate enumeration of the keyboard based on information retrieved from
; ARC firmware/NTDETECT.
XT_83KEY        = *PNP0300
PCAT_86KEY      = *PNP0301
PCXT_84KEY      = *PNP0302
XT_84KEY        = *PNP0302
101-KEY         = *PNP0303
OLI_83KEY       = *PNP0304
ATT_301         = *PNP0304
OLI_102KEY      = *PNP0305
OLI_86KEY       = *PNP0306
OLI_A101_102KEY = *PNP0309
ATT_302         = *PNP030a


; HID device IDs

HID.KeyboardDevice = "HID Keyboard Device"
HID\VID_0433&PID_ABAB.DeviceDesc = "ALPS USB Keyboard"
HID\VID_03F9&PID_0100.DeviceDesc = "Key Tronic USB Keyboard"
HID\VID_0471&PID_0401.DeviceDesc = "Philips Semiconductors CICT USB Keyboard" etc...

Any wild guesses?  ^_^;
When you go to control paned, add new hardware, do not search for new hardware but choose the option to make your own choice.
Choose keyboard and pick an appropriate driver close to what you want and load it, regardless of manufacturer.
You can also try your old drivers by choosing "have disk" and
navigate to a location where your old drivers are.
As stated above, ignore xp's warning and click install anyway.
You may need to try different drivers.
Once you have a driver loaded, then it should show in device manager and you can upgrade driver or change driver from there.
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