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Is it possible to slipstream a servicepack 6/6a and to create a bootable WindowsNT-SP6 CD ?! Any urls ? I just foud information on howto slipstream a WIN2k/XP CD !

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The answer to your first question is.... Kind of. There were loads of fixes to do with setup and particularly unattended installs in the service packs. The bits can be added as detailed in numerous MS articles. Assuming you are familliar with NT setup, you need to dump the I386 tree onto a hard disk. You can then add the files required to overcome various shortfalls such as. Zero's in IP Address fields during unattended installs, Support for large disks, OEMExtendPartiton, and removal of some irritating Prompts. Remeber that when you add files to the I386 tree, the service pack versions are usually expanded, remove the compressed equivalent i.e. add TCPIP.SYS and remove TCPIP.SY_ as the compressed version takes precedence!

Second question, Bootable NT CD's. What exactly is your aim? If you are planning an automated/semi automated build, from experience, I would suggest creating an updated
build tree and using a DOS bootable image that includes the CD-ROM drivers and any other information required within the Unattend.inf file. Theres tons of info on the subject, I could go on forever. :-)

Let me know what youre trying to do and I'll try and help you.



see i just wanna do this cuz of the updated atapi.sys file in sp4. i've to setup some old IBMs with a EXSys IDE-raid controller. but if I boot up nt-Setup with SP0 :), setup says, it can't find a media.
so i think if I boot up nt-setup with sp6 integrated, it will find a HDD cuz of the new atapi.sys.
OK, you dont need the entire sp6 tree then... You can just add in the Atapi.sys driver and remove the compressed original.

To create a new NT CD (bootable) that includes your updated tree follow this link...

Cheers Gary

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