Build a small network

mkhalidmn used Ask the Experts™
i want to build a samll network

i have:

1. a Laptop with wireless network card, modem and windows xp professional.
2.a PC with PCI Network card and windows Me.

My qustion is :
How to connect these two computers.

step by step pls
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In this situation, the wireless network card will bu useless, you can connect these two machines by using either two modems (if your PC has a modem) or using two wired network cards (in this case the laptop must be in the same physical area whre the PC lies).

In case of using two modems, you can make a new connection "Dial-up to private netork" in the source machine and include the phone number of the destination machine. And make a new connection "Accept incoming calls" in the destination machine. After dialing-up, the two machines now are connected to each other.

Helmy1313 is probably correct in that using the wireless network card would add a great deal more expense to your solution.

Possibly the simplest solution would be to buy a PCMCIA network card for your laptop (Windows XP could easily handle all the different hardware) and then buy/make a crossover cable with RJ-45 connectors. Link the two PCs directly with this cable, setup networking and the job is done.

Hope that helps.
most laptops have irda ports. u can easily get the same attached to your pc. if u need wireless network, this would be simple and cost effective.
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Before you buy anything, double check that the laptop doesn't already have a network port at the back.  If you have XP i'm guessing that it's a new machine.  Some of the new Compaq and Sony laptops have their ethernet sockets at the back under a small flap.  

As RJ Smith suggests you could then get a crossover cable to connect the two. If you want to add more computers in the future you could always get a small hub for under £40.

Hope this helps


Pete Latham
there are two ports at the back, one for modem and the other one is beside the modem port but i don't know for what ... ( i think it is for network). how to check inside windows xp that it is netowork port??
mkhalidmn, the network port is much bigger than (8pin) the modem port (4pin), you can observe it by your eyes.

Then Windows XP is a plug and play windows, just remove any unknown hardware from the Device Manager (Control Panel\System\Hardware\Device Manager\) and then restart your machine. the Windows XP will detect if there is a network card in your machine or not, its driver may be not included in the Windows XP drivers. To overcome this problem, identify the model of the laptop and search on the internet to know the model of its network card and get its driver.

By this way, you know have two network cards, just connect tehm by a cross cable to make a netwrok

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