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Hello fellow ExpertXchange buddies,

I need information/advise/help -> Guidance <-

I have a database (MS Access 97, sitting on a server)
What I need to be able to do is from an Internet Explorer web page update the database tables (on a server)

It only has to be one way (it can do both, whatever is easier)  however the purpose for it is for users to  input data from an IE webpage and it updates/inputs data into an existing database.

I have MS Access 97 and Front Page 98.

If you could get back to me with advise - step-by-step of how I can achieve this objective I would much appreciate it.

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Go to and go through the samples/tutorials. DO NOT use FrontPage, it's exceedingly limited (and limiting) and has a horrible tendency to break for no reason.

You'll need to make sure the server you use supports ASP AND databases, where to put the database for updating (the folder must have the right permissions), and if you're not good with Access, an Access book will be a HUGE help. If it's not set up right in Access, nothing you do in ASP will make it work correctly.

You'll also need a decent code editor -- FirstPage is very good, and you can't beat the price: FREE!! Check 


webwoman - Thank you very much for your reply - I have look at - that was one of the very first websites I looked at for help. I would say I am reasonably comfortable with MS Access but I am not with any web programming or the tools available.

If you look at you can see I am looking for a deeper - step-by-step solution - I have 4 weeks to acomplish this task.

The database is complete, I just need the front end.
The front end is where machines linked to the server will input data/value(s)(only using Internet Explorer to do this)(checkboxes and textboxes on a Internet web page format ) then later data can be extracted by somebody with permissions to the database on the server. My task is just to provide the function on Internet Explorer to  insert data into the relevant tables.

Thank you ZAK82


After great efforts , at work, I have managed to get FrontPage 98 installed on my machine.

Is that definately the wrong tool to use - even to produce something as simple as as what I want to do.

A few checkboxes(tick boxes) on the screen and texboxes to insert data then when submitted to update the database.

The software I have available to me is limited to FrontPage 98 and Microsoft Office 97 (and a server area to play with)

Its not looking rosey - I have until christmas- any advise/guidance is realy much apprecited
Thank you in advance

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