Movie Clip Problems When Viewing In Scene.

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      I have an interesting problem. I have a built a movie clip in Flash MX that comprises of 5 different text boxes built as graphics. The movie clip Alpha blends between one text box and another giving the effect of text fading in and out. The movie clip works fine when previewed and I am happy with it. The problem is when I put my movie clip in to my scene it won't play. I understand that the whole scene needs to be tested to accurately see movie clips in action, either Ctrl + Enter to test the movie or Ctrl + Alt + Enter to test the scene. It doesn't matter which I use the movie clip just won't play in the scene, but it will play on its own in the library preview window. HELP! What's going on!


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check to where you placed all of your graphics in your movie clip.  cause when you creat them inside of the movie clip, where the stage is bigger, you will be able to see them.  but when you place that movie clip onto the working stage, it may be that it is smaller than the movie clip.  

so what im saying is that i may be playing, but just off of the screen.  try this:

drag you movie clip onto the stage, double click it, (so you are "inside" of the movie clip).  then press CTRL2. and that will zoom out to fit all of your project inside the viewing area.

if that dosent work, make sure you have no stop() scripts anywhere.
Also it is possible you have only 1 keyframe on the scene and the movie is for example 20 keyframes long.

Also you can test the movie within the flash editor by changing it, only for testing, to a graphic and then press enter to play it. Does this show your movie?
to expand on what dutchfoxer said above..unless the play head stops on the frame where you dropped the will need to put an equal number of frames in the layer which contains the clip..if there is no stop..the player is just passing over your clip before it has a chance to play.

if your text clip is..say 20 frames..and you drop it on frame 5 on layer 3 on the main frame 25 layer 3 on the main timeline and hit F5. This will run frames out..of an equal length to the text clip..and allow it to play.



    Thanks dutchfoxer and Zeffer. It all seems fine now. I'm giving the points to Zeffer 'cause even though dutchfoxer was right Zeffer's explanation was much clearer. Thanks.

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