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My computer first would stop responding then yesterday i tried to boot my pc and it wouldnt so i tried to reinstall windows and the message
cannot read or write to drive c:
press f3 to exit setup
what is wrong?
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You have a problem with your hard drive check the bios if it recognize your hard drive if it is try to boot your computer with a startup disket or disk and run scandisk

Hope it will help
If the BIOS still won't recognize the drive, shut down the PC, open the case, ground yourself to the power supply, then reseat the power cable and the IDE (flat ribbon) cable. Reseat it at both the drive and motherboard ends. Gently wiggle it loose then push it back in.
Turn your PC on again, and see if it shows up. If not, your drive is probably dead. I hope you have a backup of your data. If not, things start getting complex and expensive.
If the BIOS recognizes the drive correctly, but it won't boot, your problems are less severe, probably just damaged files. If you get it running, make an immediate backup of your data, because it may fail again soon.
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