hardware profiles in XP and security

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Just upgraded to XP Pro.

Having a problem setting up a hardware profile for a portable computer.  When I try to select "portable computer" in the properties page of a hardware profile, the selected is greyed out.

I suspect this is a security or permissions problem since I am on an NT domain even though I am in the admin group on my PC.  

I could use some help in indentifying the specific permission or policy that needs to be changed.

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I suspect the system knows it is a portable, and as such is not allowing you to change it to not be so.

I am not sure what it is you are trying to do here. If there is access problem, for real, to this and other areas of config, then likely the problem is global on the \Windows folder itself, and you should be sure that your admin ID does have control over permissions. Use Windows Explorer to view the permissions in the filesystem.


Thanks but that's not the reason... however let me explain the problem in more detail:

1) I can create two hardware profiles for the laptop (#1 and #2)
2) When I select properties on each profile I would like to check the item "This is a portable computer" in order to setup which profile is for docked and undocked

3) Problem is that the selection "This is a portable computer" is greyed out.

Again I think this is a permissions problem but I am unsure which access or permission is causing the problem.


You may run "gpedit.msc" to configure the policies.
But, i am afraid that since it does not allow you by default, you might get a general policy from your Domain, which causes this restriction. Do you know if there is something like that?
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i wonder if it has anything to do with power management as the only thing that 'this is a portable computer' really does is change the power save times...
ie.. how long before the hd and monitor goes on standby

check the bios and see if there is anything related to this that might be disabled.
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