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hi i have across a problem with perl

i have been told to design three questionnaire/feedback
to be used in a local  area network based intranet  
forms using a html editor for my networks asignment

but the hard part is that i need some perl code that accepts all feedback information form the html forms and stores into a text file and date and time stamping on the webserver .

i have not familier with perl that much i would like some examples which could help in  the perl to reply to respond back to the user aswell
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use CGI;
my $q = new CGI;
print $q->header;
print "<BR>value is: $Q::your_field_name <BR>\n";
exit 0;


could you break down the code for me what exactly is the code doing?
assuming you .html page has a form with an input tag named your_filed_name, and the action of the form points to this script, then the script extracts the value of this input field and writes a new page which just contains this value prefixed by the string literal "value is:"


Could u tell me what $q does and $q as i am an absolute beginner

is there any code which further allows  the feedback details to be stored as a text file as well as outputting on the browser
i am using an DzSoft Perl Editor running windows NT

> Could u tell me what $q does and $q as i am an absolute beginner

hmm, think it's far beyound the scope of EE to tell you the fundamental basics of perl.
Think you either need to visit a cource, or by a good book, there a dozens on the market.
$q is a variable, and it contains anything you assign to it (see example above).

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