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I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 2000. Afterwards many problems occured. My printer and modem are both only compatible with windows 98. In order to downgrade i have to run 98 through dos. heres my problem. when i run 98 through the command prompt it tells me that i must shutdown NT, in order to do it. So how do i shutdown Windows 2000 and install windows 98?
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Whoa cowboy.  I know this is a personal choice, but with 98, you don't have much support these days.  Are you sure your printer and modem are only compatible with 98?  Perhaps the manufacturer has Win2k drivers for you.  The modem should work with a standard Win2k driver as long as it understands AT commands.  The printer should be able to be used in standard mode as well (although you will probably lose some of the functionality you are used to) if the mfgs don't have updated drivers.

Do you have the 98 Disks?  If so, shut down and reboot with the disk in the drive.

..and also, win2k has a boot manager, which allows you also to run previously installed systemes by prompting at startup.

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