SMTP Issue on Windows 2000

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We have a piece of software that uses the Persits ASP Email software to transmit SMTP e-mail.  This worked fine on Windows NT and Windows 95.  We have upgraded our client operating systems to Windows 2000 and now when we try and send an SMTP e-mail from these machines we get a "Connection Refused" error.  We have also tried to use the Microsoft CDO for Windows 2000 DLL and using this we get a "The transport failed to connect to the server" error.  The SMTP Server is up and can be pinged.

Any ideas????

Cheers guys

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1) Make sure that by default none of these ports are being blocked.

Have you tried telnetting to port 25 on the mail server ?

Is DNS resolution working ?


ipconfig /all
and any event logs on both machines.

I hope this helps !



Thanks for the ideas - but none of those explain why it works on NT and Windows 95 but not on Windows 2000.  I'm really surprised nobody else has come across this.

For the record:

I can ping the SMTP mail server

DNS resolution is working

Port 25 is not blocked

Are there any services that HAVE to be running for SMTP to work on 2000
What services are running on your machine - related to SMTP?  
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IN addition, try using an LMhosts file, and check the DNS suffix in the tcpip settings.
Win2k is very picky about how DNS is set up.

 I hope this helps !

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