Windows 2000 installation error

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****Hello, I need solutions urgently****

Complete & successful installation/setup of Windows 2000 server and professional on 2 PCs.

Error message from setup screen after first reboot and finished copying i386 files. Sometimes also get blue screen of death when reboot. Setup cannot continue.

Error messages under setup screen:
For Windows 2000 Professional was "File \$Win_NT$\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 7. Setup cannot continue."

For Windows 2000 Server was "...ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 4. Setup cannot continue." Also get blue screen when reboot at some occasions seemed to be related to the ntkrnlmp.exe

I have been searching on the MS support website. Some articles said problem due to bios not updated or faulty RAMs. But both solutions didnt help after I verified with the systems. Any idea will be most appreciated.

Additional information:
One of the pc was running on Windows 2000 server from NT4 upgrade prefectly until recently (dont know if it's related). Occasionally, it would reboot itself suddently and some other PCs on the network also (may be more related to security, I hope). Now I couldnt rebuild it with W2K server or professional nor NT4!!!...sad

Hardware information:
Magic-Pro MP-7VIP-DR-Le+ mother board, AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Magic-Pro MP-7VIP-DR-Le+ mother board, AMD Athlon XP 1600+

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I guess it is the problem with your RAM. Some of its pages are bad. Replace the RAM and try toinstall. When setup files are copied from CD ROM, they are temporarily stored in Cache memory.. Those that fall onto bad pages cannot be copied onto the HD's proper installation path.

I have been searhcing for this and have seen that some CDROM drives or drivers have difficulty with this file.  Try sharing your CDROM drive from another system that can read it and try a remote install.

I encountered similar problems with a couple of systems that we have here.  The problem ended up being the motherboards.  One I managed to flash the Bios to resolve the problem and the second one I ended up replacing the motherboard it's self.
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I would not want to suggest flashing the bios.It will be costly


Good morning guys,
Yes, I am suspecting about the RAM too especially when I tried to xcopy all the i386 files to the c drive. It stopped at 80 files copied only. Should I also disable L1 & L2 cache from the Bios? The problem is I dont have too many DDR RAM lying around to test but I will try it now with the ones I have unless they all faulty.

In relation to the CDrom drive, I have tried 3 different one & get similar results so I am not sure... Will CDwriter be a problem for use?

The CD writer caused most of the installation problems from what I researched.

Just a few thoughts.

Have you checked your power supplies lately? That can be attributed to many problems including sporadic reboots and systems seeming to hang.

Motherboard is a possibility as well as RAM.

A sometimes missed option is are your CDs clean? Finger prints and smudges can cause problems without bringing up a CDR101 error.

And last but not least have the drives been run through diagnostics. Hanging on a copy can be a sign of a bad sector. I suggest using the manufacturer's diag disc or one like the Troubleshooter.

Hope one of these helps.

One other thing that can cause the problems you have been having is the CPU over heating. I had a system recently that was doing similar things during the process of trying to load the os (which was XP) it turned out the the CPU was running at around 70oC not sure what that is in faranhite. The result was that it would hang or bluescreen or say that it could not find files fron the CD. It is worth checking. It only take a little slowing of some CPU fans to cause a significant rise in CpU Temp.

If it is not this then it is either the motherboard RAM or Hard drives.

I would not worry abot disabling the L1&L2 cache as it will one slow things up for you in any instalation test.

Hope this might help you with your problem


Thank you all for all of your reponses.

I think the problem is a faulty RAM (to be further confirmed). I should find out once I finished xcopying i386 file to the hard drive & run the setup...

Since most of the comments are so good I will have a tough time deciding which one should be awarded the points. Could I split the points up?

brb for my latest update.
I suggested the RAM fault.Decide well


Hi again,

After spending 2days copying the w2k files to hard drive using the known good RAM of 256MB, the w2k setup GUI still hang on the stage of "setup is starting windows 2000" at the first boot up after copying system files to HD.

I really have no idea why. Is it my motherboard? If so, how come i could run it before with the upgrade from NT4?

I really need your advise guys, please help...


Hi all,

Just completed w2k setup. It work fine with dual boot using the same RAM to install W2k after Windows ME was installed. So it may not be the RAM after all.

Can some1 tell me how to close this question?


Thank you. I also have other problem now related to the SCSI devices not recognise (not showing) while the driver is said to be working properly under device manager in W2K. Any idea?

My question will be posted soon after this. So please do help.

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