cannot logon to win2k system from ME system

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Network/file/printer sharing has been working ok.  Laptop has win ME and desktop has win2k.
Now the laptop can see the desktop on the network but asks for a password to connect to it.  Nither systems have any passwords configured?
The desktop has full access to the laptop.
The message received is "password for this connection \\Base\1pc$" The laptop is called LAPTOP and the desktop is called BASE.  The workgroup used is the same name on both.
The internet is accessed by the laptop through ICS on BASE.  However this is not available either?
please help
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1) Try enabling the guest account on win2k.

also :

From: stevenlewis     Date: 09/29/2001 06:49PM
              OK, the "access denied" gives us a clue.
              Log on to the 98 boxes using the client for M$ networks as the primary logon, this creates the access
              token that the w2k box needs. then on the share(s) you have to allow the guest account access to the
              share(s), in the permissions, allow everyone full control
              also enable the guest account on the w2k box
              Click on Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Computer Management. Look for Local Users and Groups       under   System Tools (on the left side), and expand it to show the two folders, Users and Groups. Highlight       the Users folder, and then you'll see the Administrator and Guest account. Highlight the Guest account,               and click on Action. Go down to properties, and on the General Tab for Guest Properties, you'll see            the box checked for Account is Disabled. Uncheck it

in XP small network

First since it's a small network try installing NetBEUI on the XP boxes
               next please post the ip info of your network here
               you can get the ip info from the xp boxes by going to a command prompt and typing
               ipconfig /all
               post the results from both machines here
               and see this site

I hope this helps !
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for a similar problem and solutions.

I hope this helps !

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