Printing an image with specific text - VB help me please

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Hello.  I am trying to figure out a way to have an image as background, while printing text (within textboxes I am thinking) on a VB Form.  THere are a few problems.
The image is a landscaped image.  Can I make it print landscaped via VB?  
I also need to be able to fit all of the image and textboxes and a form, but it seems there is a limit to how large the form should be.  If I add scrollbars would that do the trick?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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Several Qs there:

1) You can print directly onto a form or picturebox like this:

Me.Print "text to print"
(or Picture1.Print "text to print"

This will show up at the "next available location" whcih you can change by setting the pixel location first:

Me.CurrentX = 0
Me.CurrentY = 0
Me.Print "this is at the top"

Me.CurrentX = 100
Me.CurrentY = 500
Me.Print "this is right and down from the origin"

2) Print landscaped in VB? Just set the printer to landscape mode:

printer.Orientation =vbPRORLandscape

3) Fit the image on the form with scrollbars?

Yes, if the image is too big, you have to place it into a picturebox since you cannot resize a form bigger than the screen size, but you can make a picturebox any size you want.

Adding the scrollbars, you can set them to simply move the picturebox within the form by setting the scrollbar value.
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Hi chriseustace,
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