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Where can I get a copy of windows 95 on floppy disc? How many disks does it come on?
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You can actually buy a CD and create floppies from the CD.

Here is a link that gives some info on this
Check on Ebay and you can find a full set with license for $20 to $30. the full set is 13 disks plus bootdisk.
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The number of disks depends on the version. The original ones came as MFDS format which only took about 9 disks if I remember correctly. I think my current one is 17 disks, but again I am guessing since I do not have them here and it has been some time since I used them.

I have an original win95a set and there is 13 install disks plus the bootdisk for a total of 14 and these are 1.7MB floppies. But if you have a set made from a CD-Rom then it was a 30 disk set on 1.44MB floppies
I have an unopened MS Win95 OEM kit, has 23 diskette's inside, hell.... how much do you want to pay... I will send it your way.


what version of Win95 is your's? mine is the original "A" version and it only has 13 disks plus boot disk
not too sure..... its been in the shop so long, it most likely is SR1, I don't remember ever ordering SR2 on floppy

I search MS website using "Windows 95 cabinet files" they say there are 21 non DMF floppies for Windows 95.OEM means a couple less I guess.

think about this: old floppys have problems with oxydation.
they are ureadable maybe, so dont by them. you need the CD win95B (USB) and a cdrom drive. Or put the win95 folder from that cd to the formatted and sysed c:\95setup
and install it from there.
believe me: you dont have the time to setup via disket, and on the last diskett it tells you some error occours
and start setup again.......pain........tell us some about the machine you use, thanks

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Answered by rayt333 (first one in to answer where to buy it and how many disks)

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