Outlook Address Book permissions?

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I'm using/administering Exchange 2000 SP2

My Users can't add their Contacts folders to the Outlook Address Book.  The option under Contacts Properties to "Show this file as an e-mail address book" is ghosted.

I have admin access and I can add my Contacts folder.  But standard Users cannot.

Can someone please tell me where to set the permissions for this?

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What version of Outlook? Do your users have an Outlook address book setup? To check, in Outlook 2000, go to Tools->Services. Make sure Outlook Address Book is listed on the Services tab.


All clients are using Outlook 2002.  I can't find any option for adding/removing Outlook Address Book in the profile. (No Tools -> Services!)

The Outlook Address Book is available for all Users, since it currently lists the Global Address List from Exchange Server.

My problem appears to be with User permissions on the Contacts folder - or any new Contacts folder added by the User, for that matter.

Go to Tools->E-mail Accounts. Click View or change existing directories or address books. Click Next. If Outlook Address Book is not listed, add one.


Yes.  Duh!  Having never used the bloomin' thing, I just skip over the additional options in the Email Accounts screen.

Thanks mate!

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