Running a vb app from a abtch file / dos prompt

Andrew Crofts
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I have a vb app which has a user interface or if passed a parameter will not show the user interface but run straight through.
I want to kick this off from a DOS BAT file.

When I try this (using call myvbapp.exe /parm) the app runs but control does not return control to the bat even when the app has completed. The bat just seems to hang.

If I run it from the DOS prompt (myvbapp.exe /parm) it returns immediatly to the c: prompt though the app has been kicked off and runs apparently normally.

Help please.
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Have you tried using "start" instead of call?If you want the batch file to wait until the app is finished you can try start with the /wait switch.
I have tested a a small app which I think does what you are trying to do and it works.

I have put the files into a zip archive which you can download from

Hope this helps


The answer actually is to lose the call it would seem.
The call is used for invoking other bat files and having control return.
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in invoking batch file, you need use
to having control return.
it's a dos skill.


I just said that
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