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I've got a TextField, and now I want, that when a user presses return, a blank is made instead, because my program will crash when there is a return in textfield.getText().
Is this possible?

Thanx for all answers
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Do getText().trim()

I am curious at to why your program crashes when there is a return in getText()??

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 This is not normal behaviour... Can you post some of your code where it crashes?
when user presses enter on a text field, if it is empty, it will return null. If you do any String operation on null, it will throw an exception and possibly crash if you have not taken car of exceptions. To avoid that, do a check before calling on any method. if you want to return a blank to the field you can do this:

String t = tField.getText() == null ? " " : tField.getText();


String t = tField.getText();

if( t == null ) t = " ";

after you have made sure the String is not null, you can call on any method for the string.

t = t.trim();
char c = t.charAt(0);
and so on...

you can also do a try{ // code here } catch(Exception e){ // how do you want to handle the exception }

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