Access97 Subreport limitation?

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I am trying to create a report in Access97 with many "subreports" included.  I seem to hitting some
sort of a limit.  By that I mean I can place two
subreports on the main report with no problem but if I
try a third subreport things kinda go all wrong.  The
master report is really a complicated Excel formated
document and I am trying to "place" each of the subreports within this document.  Am I correct in thinking that there is a limit of some sort?  Is there a work around in this situation?

Thanks for your help -
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Access "complies" a report definition before running it and yes there is a limit as to how much complextity you can get away with.

But for starters, what is the error message your getting or what is happening?



There are no error messages but I do notice that when I put a third subreport
on my master report that I get these "boxes" (much larger than the original
subreport) that are in the same place that the subreport should be - and of course,
I don't get the subreport data.  It seems to be a limit of three - it works fine up
until then.

Thanks for your help -
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Hum...3 is a little low...most people have trouble with more then 6, but if yours are overly complex you could be bumping into problems (which it sounds like you are).

There is no "fix" per say other then try to do what your doing some other way.

This is proably one of the few areas left where Access needs some work.  It doesn't get much attention as most apps never have a report that includes more then 1 or 2 subreports.  Microsoft did work on this area from A2 to A95, but hasn't touched it since.

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