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 I've written an ActiveX DLL using Visual Basic 6 and I've included this DLL into my current project.

  But when I make changes to my DLL and try to start up my project EXE, I get an automation error "Object doesn't support... blah blah blah".

  How do I get around this?  I've only changed the "internals" of the functions that I call from my DLL and NOT the number/type of parameters that are passed.


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Can you post the code where exactly you are expecting the error.
May be some syntax errors.
This is caoused by your compatibility settings. You currently have compatibility set either off or to project level. If you set compatililty to binary, as opposed to project level, you can recompile the dll without having to reccompile the projects that call it.
Go to the dll project, open its properties, select the componant tag and set the compatibility check box to binary and you should be in business.


Yup, that did the trick,


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