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I have Windows 2000 servers with password complexity requirements enabled in Group Policy. Because my clients have Windows 98 machines, it will not work correctly as they can type their passwords any way they choose. For example, if the desired password is Passw0rd. On Windows 98 it can be typed as Passw0rd, passw0rd, PASSW)RD, or PASSW0RD.

Is there a way to enable these clients to follow the requirements?

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GPO do not apply to windows NT/9x machines...
I think he is talking about the Security Policy, which applies to all clients. Some down-level clients, like win95 don't support case-sensitive passwords, but Win98 should. The passwords are stored two ways, so that clients that do not support case-sensitive passwords can logon. For some reason, your Win98 clients are being treated as down-level clients.

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