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I have several complicated nested and composite reports which I want to save as a pdf file.  Can one do this using SaveAs or SaveAsAscii?  I'm on PB 6.5.  According to PB help, PDF is not listed as a saveastype.  Any advice?
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I have done this by embedding all nested datawindows within a composite datawindow so that with 1 print statement (after resetting the printer to the adobe pdfwriter print driver) I can send it all to a pdf file.  E-mail mne if you want more details

i also facing the same problem with ljoyce hi mswanson65 can you email me which driver need to use and also the script for save to odf file.TQ
The print driver comes with the Adobe Acrobat software product.  When you do the setup the print driver is automatically installed.  Go to and go to their download area to find an example of a Powerbuilder non-visual object encapsulating the "print to pdf" functionality.  Adobe Acrobat also comes with another piece called the Distiller.  This is another possible way to accomplish pdf generation.  There are also many other 3rd party pdf generation tools.  Go to 

okay i think i got it TQ for your help

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